Members of The Naturalists’ Club of Broome County agree to the following
rules of conduct while birding:

  1. We agree to safeguard the welfare of birds and other wildlife:
    • Observe and photograph birds so as not to disturb them significantly.
    • Avoid chasing, repeatedly flushing, excessive use of squeakers, “pishing” and recordings, especially during nesting season.
    • Keep an appropriate distance from nesting birds to avoid disturbance and exposure to predators.
    • Birds, nests, or eggs will not be handled except for recognized research.
    • Sites of rare nesting birds should be divulged only to proper conservation authority.
  2. We agree to not harm the environment:
    • Stay on existing trails to avoid damaging fragile habitat.
    • Leave all habitat as it was found or better
  3. We agree to respect the rights of others:
    • Observe No “Trespassing” signs; ask permission to enter private lands.
    • Observe all laws and regulations governing roads and public areas.
    • Behave in a courteous manner that will generate goodwill for the birding community.
  4. We will, when on organized walks or field trips, follow these guidelines:
    • Minimize unnecessary talk and noise to avoid disturbing birds so that they can be seen by all participants.
    • Follow the leaders’ pace to allow special sightings to be shared by the entire group.
    • The presence of pet dogs is discouraged, no matter how well-behaved the animal.

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